CoView 1.0.49

Enjoy your digital comics in any format

CoView is a comic book app that lets you comfortably read your digital comics on your computer. View full description


  • Totally focused on the comic itself
  • Many extra tools


  • Difficult interface to get used to
  • Language settings are not saved

Not bad

CoView is a comic book app that lets you comfortably read your digital comics on your computer.

CoView has been designed with the comic as the most important element, removing anything else from the interface. This special design leaves a lot of room for the comic itself but it makes CoView a bit hard to manage because there are no menus and everything is controlled with hotkeys.

The first key you need is F1 to open the menu, and then i to change language. Unfortunately it seems that CoView’s language settings are not saved, so you'll have to switch to English every time you run the program.

CoView allows you to read comics almost in any format: it supports special comic file types such as CBR and CBZ, but also images stored in archives or folders. You can browse through them and read just like you turn the pages of a real comic. With the zoom tool you won't miss a single detail of the drawings, while CoView's bookmark tool will enable you to continue your reading just where you left it.

Coview is a digital comic reader with support for many formats. It's a bit confusing at the beginning but turns out to be a great tool for all comic fans.

CoView supports the following formats


CoView (Comic Viewer) is a tool that enables you to read comic files in CBR (Comic Book Rar) and CBZ (Comic Book Zip) formats. The main idea behind this app is to present the comic as the most important part, removing unnecessary buttons, menus, toolbars and other elements that reduce space.

The program includes some tools such as zoom, image adjusting, thumbnail preview, comic collection manager and image effects.

CoView also enables you to view images inside archives (ZIP and RAR) without having to previously uncompress them. It supports standalone image files as well.



CoView 1.0.49

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